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We are a fun, girlfriends, Anna and Lola. This video was taken the day of our friend. Here, it seems everything was told about what wonderful in our lives.

Here, try the different methods of twist to it. Video about unusual products. We are playing it. So, it is possible.

Product players kry ' n complete freedom of choice to explore the world alone or with friends, to work together to meet the operations, take part in extra-curricular activities and events around the world or to compete in the traditional multiplayer modes. Players have the opportunity to pump the skills, add tuning, car, real Estate to buy. And the most important thing - to take part in the mission, meetings and other activities to earn reputation and money, which will open new opportunities to move up the ladder to take the life ofa person happy.


Here you will find our address and phone number adding to our community - you will be our friends right away. Most of the talking.

Altrottstraße 31, Heidelberg-Walldorf, Partnerport nahe SAP, 69190 Walldorf, +496 227 381 000